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Corporate Wellness – an increasing area of interest for employers worldwide.

How do you ensure your employees feel happy and healthy at work? By introducing some wellness to the workplace.

Research by the Irish Business and Employers Confederation (Ibec) last year showed that six out of 10 employees were more likely to stay long-term with an employer that showed concern for them, while almost half of the 1,000 employees surveyed said they would leave a job where an employer did not care about their well-being.

Recognising potential health and well-being issues in the workplace and addressing them before they become a serious problem is essential. This is why it is so important to create an environment where employees feel confident and secure.

Cork’s businesses are introducing wellness programs to their employees with great success. Whether it’s a traditional yoga practice or a blend of chair yoga, mindfulness and meditation, employees report feeling calmer, less stressed, more flexible and tension free.

One of my clients is Berkley Group, a Recruitment Consultancy focussed on the Technology & Life Science sectors. They launched a wellness program at the start of the year and in weekly classes focus on breathing and mindfulness techniques that can be easily implemented into daily life. Stressful situations are unavoidable but knowing how to deal with stress is essential. Learning stress managing techniques gives employees more confidence and increases their performance at work. Physical practice is an essential part of our wellness program. Prolonged sitting and inactivity can cause physical tension, lower back pain, neck pain, decreased concentration and energy. Practice of yoga is an effective and safe way of becoming aware of one’s body in order to localise and release tension through movement and stretching.

“Working in a dynamic people focussed environment brings its own day to day challenges. Through building yoga and mindfulness into our working day it has assisted in creating the right work balance and a more productive and engaging environment for our most important asset – our employees”

Paddy O’Connell, Managing Director, Berkley Group

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About the Author: Karolina

Karolina Krzemianowska is a yoga teacher, nutritional consultant, health educator and the founder of Inner Light Yoga, offering lectures, classes, and workshops in Ireland and online. She has over 10 years experience in the field of yoga, health and wellness. Her aim is to encourage others to feel good from within and to live their own authentic dreams.

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