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Sept 26th, Saturday, 1-3pm

Stress Less - Prepare For Flu Season

Learn How to Fight Cold & Flu Naturally 

The how to in the preparation of you and your family in advance of Winter Flu.

Season2020 has been a very challenging year to date. Along with health challenges, Covid has tested the resilience of people on every level. Fear and uncertainty abound. Trying to navigate the internet for health tips can prove even more stressful as there are many contradictory recommendations, often based on what the source wishes to sell.

We are here to guide you towards safe and effective strategies in order to best prepare in advance of the next anticipated wave of disease.

Learn how to prevent and combat colds as well as other challenging viruses with confidence, naturally.

With a combined 30 years of experience in working in the cold face of natural healthcare, Shay and Karolina can help you to tool up with trialed as well as traditionally used supplementary support along with wonderful lifestyle and dietary gems that you may not hear outside of a personal consultation with these professionals.

Stress plays a major role in the development of diseases both chronic and acute. Whilst stress is inevitable in these times; in this talk you will learn invaluable strategies to enable you to offset some of the effects of what can often feel like relentless stress.

You will also learn why some people are more inclined to get sick whilst others tend to bat off illness with virtually no symptoms.

The ultimate goal is to take the guess work out of selecting supplements as well as offering you the best lifestyle and dietary options. Once armed with this information, it will likely lead to an increase in confidence when it comes to taking the reins in optimizing yours and your family’s immune system.

We are truly looking forward to bringing you this presentation.


Shay Kearney a practicing Nutrition Therapist Dip also trained in Aromatherapy Dip, Reflexology Dip, Stress Management Cert. In addition, she frequently Lectures Nutrition students with the CNM and hasworked in the Health industry for over 20 years.

Karolina Krzemianowska is an experienced yoga teacher and nutritional consultant, specialising in alignment, yoga therapy and recovery, stress management, corporate wellness and meditation. She is the founder of Inner Light Yoga, offering classes, lectures and workshops, both in person and online, and leads yoga and meditation retreats in Ireland.