Karolina Krzemianowska

Karolina Krzemianowska

Karolina discovered yoga in 2008 through the practice of meditation. Meditation allowed her to find inner oasis, and inner place of sanctuary especially when faced with difficult pressures of life. She used her practice to cultivate positive thoughts and feels that meditation has been instrumental in achieving inner balance, and to understand more about herself, and the world and other people around her. 

Soon after she took up the practice of asana. Initially she followed online teachers, who inspired her to establish her own personal practice. In 2013 Karolina completed her first professional 200h yoga training at Yoga Diploma in Cork, Ireland. In Autumn of 2013 she graduated as a Yoga Nidra teacher awarded by a senior teacher Shantimurti Okan. 

Since then she has completed Prenatal Yoga teacher training with Nicole Henkel and Yoga Shred training with Sadie Nardini. In 2015 she graduated as a nutritional consultant and in 2017 she began her 500h advanced teacher training with Amy Ippoliti. Her advanced teacher training includes: Yoga Therapeutics, How to Teach and Adjust Students with Tight Bodies, Business of Yoga, Advanced Hands on Assisting, Yoga Philosophy, Art of Teaching Alignment and Flow, Theme Integration. 

Karolina developed interest and passion in web designing, photography, graphic designing, and arts, at a very young age. This enabled her to start teaching yoga online in 2015. She created over 150 yoga videos as well as customised practices for her private and corporate clients.

Her mission as a yoga teacher is to offer people tools that enable them to nurture their body, mind and spirit - through health education, movement, mindfulness and stress management techniques. She believes that each of us has a potential to actively contribute to the maintenance of our body's equilibrium. Sustaining balance and a good health on an individual level allows us to create a more peaceful and wholesome community.

In 2018 she started teaching at the Burren Yoga Retreat Centre, offering yoga and meditation retreats for beginners and more experienced students. She is also a Co-Founder of the Dynamic Living Seminars, offering lectures and wellness events based in yoga and nutrition. 

In 2020 she joined YoFlicks team and helps to develop and manage the very first Irish online yoga platform offering recorded yoga, pilates and meditation classes for yoga students and corporate clients.