GENTLE HATHA YOGA - Monday @9:45am

This class is appropriate for adults of any age, including seniors and those looking for a gentle introduction to yoga. The class is structured around rejuvenating the body, including stretches, breathing techniques, attention to alignment and meditation. Gentle yoga practice helps develop greater flexibility and can be effective in preventing and slowing bone density loss. Regular mindfulness meditation practice can help relieve stress and stay centered, and energized.

BEGINNERS HATHA YOGA - Monday @6:45pm, Wednesday @7:45pm

This class is suitable for complete beginners and more advanced students who want to focus on alignment and building strong foundation. Class is energetic and designed to strengthen the body, improve flexibility and to learn how to relieve stress in daily life. Pranayama and relaxation are integral part of a class. Pranayama is a science of yogic breathing techniques that are beneficial in managing stress and help relieving the symptoms of asthma. Every class ends with a guided relaxation.

GENTLE EVENING FLOW - Monday @8:15pm, Tuesday @8:15pm

This evening class is suitable for beginners and intermediate practitioners. The gentle evening flow is slow paced and designed to help you release tension and relax. Each class will start with breathing techniques to help you ground and find ease. We will also set an intention for the practice, and explore different asanas, some yoga philosophy and music.
Remember: You don’t need to be able to touch your toes; you just have to be willing to try.


This intermediate hatha yoga class is suitable for those who have prior yoga experience. The class includes beginner and intermediate poses. Students will benefit from this class by deepening their practice of foundational and intermediate asanas, strength building, balance and relaxation techniques.

YOGA FOR TEENAGERS - Friday @6:30pm

Yoga for teenagers brings unique benefits which allow them to relax and unwind, improves focus and teaches how to manage stress as well as ensure physical fitness.

In my course designed specifically for teenagers, I incorporate Yoga with Mindful Eating, and Resilience Building Program. All these techniques combined together bring unique benefits to young people; reduced anxiety and tension, improved listening skills, enhanced concentration and memory, to name just a few.

RESTORATIVE YOGA – Sunday @6:30pm (monthly class) Feb 21st

This gentle class is suitable for all ages and levels. It incorporates gentle stretches to improve circulation and restorative postures to allow the body to rest & replenish itself. This practice will also help to bring mindfulness and awareness to the breath.

The class will be completed with a practice of guided relaxation. Gentle Yoga will benefit the mind, emotions and outer body.

YIN YOGA – Sunday @6:30pm (monthly class) Feb 28th

Yin yoga is a slow-paced style of yoga with postures, or asanas, that are held for longer periods of time. Through yin practice we take care of our joints, ligaments and even bones, tissues that we can not exercise in a healthy manner in yang practice (such as vinyasa or hot yoga).

"I first fell in love with yin yoga because it was different than the very active, yang, yoga classes I’ve been going to. I was able to slow down, to ease in, and -in this space -  I was able to inquire more and observe more." - Laura

Karolina Krzemianowska
Founder of Inner Light Yoga , Yoga Teacher, Nutritional Consultant
Karolina started dedicating her life to the practice of yoga and to the understanding of the human body and mind, and what one can do to bring balance and harmony to the entire human dynamic. She has found that a holistic approach to the maintenance of her health is the most wholesome way she can live, and that focusing on the practice of yoga, mindset, and giving great attention and credence to nutrition-consciousness, and food-awareness, are the most important things to consider in the pursuit of living a healthy life.
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Laura Pintea
Yoga Teacher
I have been suffering form chronic lower back pain for years and I was to rediscover how life is without pain- through yoga. When I’ve first started it was hard. I was stiff and barely had any body awareness. But slowly, step by step, I have learnt to be aware of my body and the way it works. And this is something I want to share with the people on the mats. Body awareness, self-love and kindness.
To teach it is a joy and a privilege (at least for me). When I teach, there is no other place I’d rather be or something else I’d rather do. And that is joy. us on Facebook