On Demand Online Yoga Library


I created this on demand online yoga video library to help you develop skills and learn tools that can be easily integrated into your daily life to improve longevity, posture, mobility, healthy breathing habits and manage stress. I’m a firm believer in doing the work on the mat, in order to get the best results off the mat.

My aim is to share with others how to sustain balance and good health on an individual level so that we can build more peaceful and wholesome community. 

A better world starts with you!

I will be adding more videos based on your suggestions and requests, so please don't be shy and reach out if there is any specific practice or area you want me to focus on.

In the coming weeks I will be adding more videos - I have over 30 classes waiting to be uploaded. I am also planning on filming chair yoga as well as guided relaxation in the near future.

On demand online yoga library is available as a bonus for all Inner Light Yoga subscribers.

Yoga Flow

Hatha Flow

In this category you will find classes featuring Vinyasa and Hatha Flow. You will move mindfully linking breath to movement, exploring basic and more challenging postures - depending on the video you choose. 


Challenge your body to empower your mind. 

HIIT Yoga sessions consist of warm-up, high intensity interval training exercises (Tabata timing), followed by yoga stretches and short relaxation in order to cool down the body and nervous system.

It’s recommended to drink small amount of water between the exercises. Follow Karolina’s guidance during the practice on when and how much to drink.

Gentle Yoga and Meditation

All meditation classes are suitable for complete beginners and more advanced students. When your life is racing full-speed ahead, so is your mind. Meditation practice helps create mental spaciousness, stillness and time for self-reflection.