Jiu Jitsu & Yoga Workshop


Open to all levels, this workshop is designed to enhance your training and performance by developing a better understanding of movement, breath, warm-up and cool-down techniques, as well as refining foundational jiu jitsu movements in order to practice more complex techniques.

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– Techniques that help develop healthy breathing patterns and mental clarity.
– Exercises consisting of simple movements, providing suppleness in the areas of body joints.
– Essential stretching techniques for injury
prevention, increased range of motion, stronger tendons, and better-articulating joints.

Jiu Jitsu:
– Challenging, yet rewarding full-body workout session based on self-defense.
– Adopting beginner’s mind to accelerate learning and progress.
– Refining foundational skills in order to practice more complex techniques.

Samson Gym Members: €25
Non-Members: €30

Workshop facilitators:
Karolina Krzemianowska is a yoga teacher, nutritional consultant, health educator and the founder of Inner Light Yoga, offering lectures, classes, and workshops in Ireland and online. She has over 10 years experience in the field of yoga, health and wellness. Her aim is to encourage others to feel good from within and to live their own authentic dreams.

Roy O’Brien is a 2nd stripe brown belt under head coach Kieran O’Brien Snr. He has over 10 years experience in BJJ. Roy, from a very young age has competed at every belt in BJJ as well as Judo, taking gold at the most recent Grappling Industries. He enjoys mastering basic bodystyle jiu-jitsu movements and refining them with effective techniques to create an unorthodox, but fundamental style of fighting.


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