5-Day Yoga and Kefir Fitness Challenge

On five consecutive mornings we meet up before work and duties for a full practice of  Hatha Yoga, Fresh Kefir and Nutrition Tips. We will focus solely on immune-boosting yoga practice. On each day every praticipant will receive a water based kefir – dairy and gluten free. Water kefir is a fermented beverage teeming with beneficial probiotic bacteria which help to boost the immune system.   26th-30th of September Venue:  Douglas Yoga Centre, Maryborough Woods, […]

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Inner Light Yoga

Daily Yoga and Meditation Challenge August 10th-14th  We meet online for 30 minutes at 7am, from Monday to Friday. Our aim is to establish a daily practice of yoga and meditation. We will gradually build the duration of meditation: from 5-min on the first day to 10-min on the last day. It’s scientifically proven that a regular practice of yoga boosts the immune system. Combined with meditation, the practice lowers stress and improves cognitive function. […]

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