More Than Stretching – Yoga is helping teens with stress and anxiety.

More Than Stretching – Yoga is helping teens with stress and anxiety. When I began teaching yoga in 2013 I noticed the conspicuous absence of youth involvement. Since then yoga has gained popularity among people of different ages and abilities. The increased interest in this ancient practice may be due to the fact that yoga can calm the mind and increase overall health and well-being. I was in my late teenage years when I began the practice of […]

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6:30pm – Beginners Hatha Yoga 9:45am – Gentle Hatha Yoga – suitable for seniors 6:30pm – Vinyasa Flow 6:30pm – BeFit Yoga&HIIT 6:30pm – Teen Yoga 9:15am – Invigorating Morning Flow 6:00-8:00pm – Restorative Yoga – monthly class

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Inner Light Yoga Cork

Corporate WellnessTransform your employees into happier, more productive, “stress-less” individuals.Yoga and Meditation Weekend Retreat – Burren, ClareFeel the Breath, Let go and be guided by Karolina to a place of inner calm. This yoga weekend will include yoga postures and flowing sequences, restorative yoga, breathing exercises, guided relaxation and mindfulness meditation techniques.Restorative Yoga and MeditationSunday, June 15th, 6:00pmSoothing, nurturing and rejuvenating practice of yoga and meditation that will benefit your body and mind. YOGA + […]

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