The Inner Light Ethos
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As living creatures, we are all radiant. Our cells literally emit 'biophotons'. Biophoton output has been understood as expressive of one's state of health; more biophoton output, more vibrant health.
Shopping for food. Part 1
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When we are attempting to pursue a health-conscious life, there is much to consider! What we are eating is always the most important consideration to pay mind to, but there
Recipe: Coco Whities gf df vegan
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***COCO WHITIES*** gluten free, dairy free, vegan Preparation: 45 min   Ingredients: (15 to 17 balls) 2 Tbsp of coconut oil 100 g (1/2 pack) of creamed coconut oil 1
The Truth About Factory Farms – Dr Mercola
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The mass production of America's food comes with a hefty price. Find out the environmental, animal, and human impact of raising over 99 percent of US farm animals in factory