The Inner Light Ethos

is-delight-making-for-you_meditationAs living creatures, we are all radiant. Our cells literally emit 'biophotons'. Biophoton output has been understood as expressive of one's state of health; more biophoton output, more vibrant health. Viewed with certain instruments, human beings are bioluminescent, shimmering creatures; and little stars made of stardust. Such thoughts can be utterly confounding when it all seems so mundane sometimes... Now, I am not exactly sure what conclusions to draw from these statements of fact, but that does not matter, because I can draw figures.

            The dichotomy of light versus darkness is the oldest known, even beyond the bounds of the history of humanity: The primitive sense organs of microscopic organisms is first thought to have developed to attune to photosensitivity – the ability to discern between light and darkness. Light is not only responsible for the ontogenesis of life itself, but is also responsible for crafting the sense organs of living organisms, as well as making the most rich and useful of the senses – sight – what it is; the ability to perceive and process light-centric information. The ability to view objects in three-dimensional space is contingent on the surface reflectivity of the object, as well as the presence of light. This is why the very concept of light, and the absence of darkness, has been a symbol for truth, life, vitality, understanding, awareness, consciousness, innocence, purity, fertility, positive energy,  exuberance, so on, since the dawn of history; the presence of light allows the transmission and apprehension of information. Whereas darkness has been a symbol of deceit, ignorance, a lack of knowledge, awareness, and understanding, death, uncertainty, decay, negation, and lack.

            The Ethos we aim to have here at Inner Light Yoga is one that most emphatically encourages the cultivation of your Inner Light! Every person is their own entirely unique conglomeration of experiences, emotions, insights, thoughts, inspirations, ideas, hopes, fears, desires, dreams. We are all radically different. Idiosyncrasy is what this species is all about. We do not want to encourage similitude with the rest of the herd. We value each individual's particular quirks, and if someone can be radically different, in any or many ways, while still managing coherence: we duly applaud. As a human being, some of the most noble and useful goals one can strive toward are:

  • Cultivation of the understanding of one's self, first and foremost (although it is an endlessly complex, ceaseless process!). “The unexamined life is not worth living.”

For the Inner Light to shine without, it must first illuminate what is within!

  • To give great care and attention to all of one's doings.
  • To feel a certain amount of empathy for other people, and their plights; while not allowing one's self to be duped by sympathy vultures.
  • To be your own person. Do not accept bullying, coercion, or subjugation. Do not fall prey to groupthink or herd mentalities. Let patience, reason, and your own understanding be your guides. Do not think what everybody else thinks, or fail to stand behind what you truly believe in, just for the sake of fitting in, or not ruffling feathers. Diplomacy is for politicians... Have some class, have a spine: be different.

          Light reveals what is there to be seen, just as one's Inner Light illuminates the world, and shows us what is there to be encountered as closely to how it truly is as one can get. Perceptual ability and one's capacity to understand are unrecognized art forms that, although not often spoken of aloud, require great care and attention to develop, and skilfully hone. There are levels of comprehension.  We do not all tune in the same things, even if encountering the same scene. Some folks tune in more than others. We will each give attention to certain details present, and neglect to notice others. We will each be struck in different ways by what we experience, and even develop radically different insights. We intentionally choose to notice or ignore exactly what suits us, and create narratives to justify whatever the hell we want should our desire, delusion, or arrogance be so great that it retards our will to see the world from a point of open-minded humility. To be with humility, without agenda, appraising, without judgement, no feelings of superiority or inferiority necessary: this is the Inner Light Ethos.

         I do not aim to go too far down the philosophy rabbit-hole in this article – as there is much to discuss, and staying on-point is difficult enough for this wayward writer. This was simply intended as a little howdy do from another angle, and hopefully something to satiate the senses of this sites dear readers, as I rambled a little on the Inner Light Ethos.


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