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What You Need to Know About Corporate Meditation Classes
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Employees and employers both benefit from corporate wellness programs, particularly corporate meditation classes. If you’re considering adding meditation classes to your wellness program, it’s important to understand the benefits of corporate meditation and your options.
Yoga is for every body: Chair Yoga
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Chair Yoga is becoming increasingly popular as it is accessible to many students. It's a go to practice for people who work long hours at the desk and need a short break during work. Chair Yoga is usually gentle and can be practiced by Seniors who can't perform floor based exercises.
Yoga for joints
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This practice is suitable for all levels and can be used as a warm up for more advanced session. We will focus on Pawanmuktasana Series I (anti-rheumatic exercises ), Marjaryasana-Bitilasana
Yoga for weight loss and building strength
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This yoga sequence includes postures which require engagement of the abdominal muscles, arms and legs. It is energetic, strong and enjoyable practice. All you need is 10-min and a yoga mat 🙂
Pranayama – full yogic breath
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Learn Full Yogic Breath to restore healthy breathing patterns.
Chair Yoga – suitable for complete beginners and seniors
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This Chair Yoga practice is suitable for all levels. It is designed for those who are physically unable to do a regular yoga practice.