In Class We focus on:


My aim is to help you develop body awareness and learn proper alignment based on yoga and anatomy principles. I will provide corrective feedback when necessary and give modifications for injuries.


I will help you connect movement to breath to enhance your practice. You will learn to develop healthy breathing patterns that promote parasympathetic nervous system, which is the relaxation state. These techniques are scientifically proven to reduce stress and anxiety.


This technique of quieting the mind goes hand in hand with yoga. Meditation is never about perfection, it's a training in awareness. I will incorporate meditation into our classes by using a mindful breathing meditation technique. Learn to create an alertness of consciousness.  


Yoga is the perfect antidote for stress. I will teach you ways to learn how to reduce tension through meditation, specific poses, relaxation techniques and Yoga Nidra. Looking for the key to getting better sleep and strengthening your immune system? Become more resilient through managing your stress.


Do you find that you are often hunched over? Are you experiencing a weak core or even flat feet? Yoga will help you develop body awareness which will aid in creating good posture. Strengthen your core and stand tall. Having correct posture gives confidence and is also good for self-esteem. Give your back and your soul a lift.


Gratitude is one of the tenets of yoga. Mindfulness is about being present in each moment, and paying attention to what is happening right here and right now. I will help you focus your attention on the things in your life that will inspire gratitude and help you appreciate moments both big and small.

Karolina Krzemianowska founder of Inner Light Yoga
Beginner's Yoga