The Inner Light Ethos

As living creatures, we are all radiant. Our cells literally emit ‘biophotons’. Biophoton output has been understood as expressive of one’s state of health; more biophoton output, more vibrant health. Viewed with certain instruments, human beings are bioluminescent, shimmering creatures; and little stars made of stardust. Such thoughts can be utterly confounding when it all seems so mundane sometimes… Now, I am not exactly sure what conclusions to draw from these statements of fact, but […]

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About Karolina

Karolina had an interest in nutrition, fitness and healthy life-style since a very young age. Later in life, even though she lacked an interest in team-sports and traditional exercise routines, she still had a desire to engage in physical activity and stay in shape. This is how she found Yoga.Β  In 2011 she moved to Ireland and decided to start officially training as a yoga instructor. Karolina started dedicating her life to the practice of […]

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