Yoga is for every body: Chair Yoga

Chair Yoga is becoming increasingly popular as it is accessible to many students. It’s a go to practice for people who work long hours at the desk and need a short break during work. Chair Yoga is usually gentle and can be practiced by Seniors who can’t perform floor based exercises.

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Online Yoga

Yoga routine to kickstart your morning in just 15 minutes! ๐Ÿ™‚ Try to commit to this practice on a daily basis to achieve better flexibility and build your strength. Feeling anxious, worried or overwhelmed? Having emotions is part of our human existence. There is nothing wrong with feeling sad, anxious and worried, as long as we can process those feelings in a healthy way. Everyone feels anxious from time to time, but the effects of […]

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Inner Light Yoga Cork

Join me for a unique, 2-way, interactive, face-to-face, online yoga experience. You can connect with me from anywhere in the world. We’ve tested technology, provide high quality audio and video, offer personalised instructions (I can see you in real time as you practice with me!). New to Omflow? Your First Practice is FREE! Use code “Omflowfree”. No commitments, no subscription. Practicing again? Throughout the month of May, use code โ€œOMFLOWER15โ€ for 15% off.

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