Yoga suits every body

You probably heard many times that yoga is for everybody. There are many different styles of yoga that offer a wide variety of techniques. I believe regardless of your circumstances, you can find a suitable practice. The techniques used in yoga range from simple Pranayama exercises – breath control – to an advanced Asana sessions. Depending on your health, physical fitness and mood, you may choose to go with a breathing exercise, chair yoga, yoga work-out or even yoga philosophy.

Let go of expectations

When you are just starting yoga don’t be too hard on yourself. It’s like any other new activity, it requires time and commitment. Be ready to step out of your comfort zone and allow yourself to make mistakes and explore. Yoga is about creating space and expansion, try not to get stressed if you can’t focus long enough on your breath or if some postures seem to be difficult.

Chair Yoga

Chair Yoga is becoming increasingly popular as it is accessible to many students. It’s a go to practice for people who work long hours at the desk and need a short break during work. Chair Yoga is usually gentle and can be practiced by Seniors who can’t perform floor based exercises.
Try this 15 minutes Chair Yoga practice. The session consists of breathing exercise, gentle stretches and movements that benefit joints and may help in releasing lower back tension.

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About the Author: Karolina

Karolina started dedicating her life to the practice of yoga and to the understanding of the human body and mind, and what one can do to bring balance and harmony to the entire human dynamic. She has found that a holistic approach to the maintenance of her health is the most wholesome way she can live, and that focusing on the practice of yoga, mindset, and giving great attention and credence to nutrition-consciousness, and food-awareness, are the most important things to consider in the pursuit of living a healthy life.

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