An Introduction To Healthy Eating – Natural Nourishment

perma-gloryI have found myself in many conditions over the course of my life: obese, underweight, sickly, vital. From the time I found my way into this world, I seemed like a passenger in many senses, being a passenger to my state of health was one of them. It seemed to just happen, how I felt. As a child, I assumed I didn’t have a lot to do with it. I figured my state of well-being was essentially random, entirely defined by chance, and, if there was a problem, that “the doctor” surely would handle it.

As I have grown older and wiser, I have come to believe that this is actually not the case. As I aged, young me became more and more sure that how I spent my time, and even more so what I ate, might be affecting my health in much more profound ways than pure chance. But, even more than that: the strange smelling, foul tasting fluids the doctors was telling my mother to buy for me when I was feeling unwell may not have actually be the best remedy for the problems at all. Young me would have been surprised to know that if I just paid more attention to what I was eating, there would not have been need for all those pharmaceutical nasties my mother had to spend so much of her and my father’s hard earned money on. I would not have believed you if you told me the best medicine is the delicious food I ate every day to sate my hunger.

Some people eat just for the enjoyment of the sensations certain foods give them over the course of eating them. But, eating with only sensory pleasure in mind is going to probably end up with a greater possibility of health problems later in life. I could eat sweets, literally, all day when I was a child, and did! It was fun for a while, but all that lousy eating caught up with me fast, and I truly believe that my terrible eating habits learned early on in life set the stage for the endlessly mercurial state of ill-health that I have been grappling with for most of my time on this Earth. Learning that feeding ourselves is more than simply about enjoyment is key. Hunger is not supposed to be entertainment, or simply about sensorial pleasure. Nor is it simply about sating hunger. We must learn to nourish ourselves. We must always consider what is going to do our bodies the most good. But, figuring this out takes a lot of hard work! Learning to eat intelligently is a complicated journey, and it is a trail fraught with difficulty, and much room for error. The bottom line is: we need to educate ourselves, and learn how to feed ourselves correctly. That must be decided, first and foremost, by you.

Recognising the importance of eating healthy is everything to me nowadays. It seems sometimes that most people do not know much about food, other than how to get it from plate to face. Which, when you consider how central food is to the life of every human being on the planet, is rather bizarre… But, there is hope!  This is the first in a series of articles that will be written with the aim of giving those that are not quite sure how exactly to eat healthy some strategies on how they might begin to approach doing so. We hope this will lend a hand in assisting all our readers, students, and subscribers in their pursuit of living a happy, healthy life. This is our mission here at Inner Light Yoga.



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