In this article we will address the Philosophy of Eating. In upcoming articles on this site, we will further address the encouragement of salubrious digestive function, as digestive health is a point of great contention for many in this here and now, day and age. For now, I would like to focus simply on the act of mindful eating.     Food is central to every one of our lives. It is the very stuff that
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Sugary treats are essentially ubiquitous in this day and age; in restaurants, cafes, shops, canteens, staring out from their display cases, cakes in neat little arrangements, sweets and chocolate bars in brightly coloured packaging, calling to us… Even if we can muster the willpower to not over-indulge, sugar surrounds us everywhere we go, and allowing ourselves to succumb to the cravings sometimes seems inevitable.                 It can also be a difficult task to avoid sugar
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September 22, 2016

The Inner Light Ethos

As living creatures, we are all radiant. Our cells literally emit ‘biophotons’. Biophoton output has been understood as expressive of one’s state of health; more biophoton output, more vibrant health. Viewed with certain instruments, human beings are bioluminescent, shimmering creatures; and little stars made of stardust. Such thoughts can be utterly confounding when it all seems so mundane sometimes… Now, I am not exactly sure what conclusions to draw from these statements of fact, but
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I used to shop at the only organic food store in the vicinity of where I used to live. They certainly had quality fruit and vegetables for the most part (most of the time, at least), and I was thankful to have such a place to do my shopping (at a time my health was not right, and I needed a reliable source for quality produce). But, I spent far too much money on simple
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When we are attempting to pursue a health-conscious life, there is much to consider! What we are eating is always the most important consideration to pay mind to, but there are many other things we need to keep in mind. The focus of this article is: where we get our food. It is easy to eat well when you know the right places to shop. Some businesses are simply more attuned to quality than others;
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On five consecutive mornings we meet up before work and duties for a full practice of  Hatha Yoga, Fresh Kefir and Nutrition Tips. We will focus solely on immune-boosting yoga practice. On each day every praticipant will receive a water based kefir – dairy and gluten free. Water kefir is a fermented beverage teeming with beneficial probiotic bacteria which help to boost the immune system.   26th-30th of September Venue:  Douglas Yoga Centre, Maryborough Woods,
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When considering what to eat, one of the more important things to be mindful of is: the ratio of macronutrients we are consuming. ‘Macronutrients’ are fats, proteins, carbohydrates. Most in my part of the world have very carb-heavy diets. High-protein diets are also very common in a country like Ireland. But, often stigmatised unfairly are diets that are unusually high in fat; saturated fats in particular. Although we always want to be calculating in how
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I have found myself in many conditions over the course of my life: obese, underweight, sickly, vital. From the time I found my way into this world, I seemed like a passenger in many senses, being a passenger to my state of health was one of them. It seemed to just happen, how I felt. As a child, I assumed I didn’t have a lot to do with it. I figured my state of well-being
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Yoga, Nutrition and Coking Wellness Workshop This is an unforgettable Yoga, Nutrition and Cooking workshop which aims to nourish your body, mind and soul. Have the time for YOU to relax. Awaken your body and soul through a gentle Yoga practice designed to detox the body and cleanse the liver. Release your creativity in cooking, food combining and presentation. Enjoy Mindful cooking. Learn simple recipes and eating habits that will improve your health. Come visit
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Let this week be your inspiration to a daily morning practice and healthier eating habits. On five consecutive mornings we meet up before work and duties for a full practice of  Hatha Yoga, Freshly Pressed Organic Juice and Nutrition Tips. There’s no better way to start the day! Venue:  Douglas Yoga Centre, Maryborough Woods, Douglas, Cork Cost: €60 (€20 non refundable deposit to be paid before 22nd July) Booking: 089 418 7147   €20
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